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Other then a few difficult/impossible to reproduce minor bugs, MERCI is stable for Drupal 7. If not, please post an issue. If upgrading from Drupal 6 you will need to roll back field_merci_date and remigrate it. More info on migrating the fields is here:


4 assorted European chocolates with delicate mousse filling merci Chocolates on Facebook Like us on Facebook! merci Chocolates on Instagram Follow us on Instagram! Products merci Finest Assortment of European Chocolates Each slim, stylish box of merci Finest Assortment of European Chocolates contains eight unique, individually wrapped flavors, including Milk Chocolate, Coffee and Cream, Hazelnut-Almond, Hazelnut-Cream, Marzipan, Dark Cream, Dark Mousse, Praline-Cream as well as Milk Chocolate Mousse, White Chocolate Mousse, Dark Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse.

"This was a good example whereby the inventor's dedication and persistence on the commercial front paid off," says UCLA Office of Intellectual Property's Director of Licensing Emily Loughran. "While we maintain an active network of potential industry licensees there is no substitute for having a motivated and involved inventor teaming with our efforts. Inventors are often the best source of industry contacts and are the most appropriate individuals to serve as the catalyst for the formation of a startup around the technology, as was the case here."

A veteran business mind with expertise in developing new medical device companies, Gary Curtis came on board as president and CEO of Concentric Medical in 2002. At this critical time the company needed additional venture capital to fund a clinical trial and move forward with commercialization of the Merci Retriever. With more than 35 years of experience in the startup medical device arena, Curtis has played a valuable role in the commercialization of numerous major medical tools including total hip replacement and interventional cardiovascular devices.

Unlike the majority of stroke victims who either die or suffer permanent disability, Melissa Welch and Marissa Arnold were fortunate to enjoy a full recovery. Welch was home from the hospital a week after her stroke just in time to spend Christmas with her family. Arnold was back to her full course load and playing varsity soccer as a junior at Mt. Holyoke College in South Hadley, Mass., just two weeks after her frightening episode. The design, development and commercialization of the Merci Retriever serves as a stellar example of how successful technology transfer to the marketplace is making our world a better place. 041b061a72


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