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City Block APK: A Town Simulation Game with Pixel Graphics and Auto Theft Elements

City Block APK: A Fun and Free Town Simulation Game for Android

Do you love driving in a big pixel car playmat and exploring different professions in a town? If yes, then you should try City Block APK, a town simulation game for Android devices. In this game, you can play as a policeman, firefighter, ambulance driver, farmer, or taxi driver and complete various missions in an open world 3D game. You can also take a break and race through the roads and streets of the town on a motorcycle, kickbike or skateboard, play some football or ride a sheep! City Block APK is a game that will keep you entertained for hours with its fun and engaging gameplay.

city block apk

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What is City Block APK?

City Block APK is a game developed by Mkay Games, a small indie studio based in Finland. The game was released in 2020 and has since gained over 5 million downloads on Google Play Store. The game is inspired by the early auto theft games, where you can drive around in different vehicles and cause chaos in the city. However, City Block APK is more family-friendly and suitable for kids, as it does not involve violence or crime. Instead, it focuses on helping the town and its people with various tasks and challenges.

Features of City Block APK

City Block APK has many features that make it an enjoyable and addictive game. Here are some of them:

Police car

As a policeman, you can protect and serve the town by arresting thieves and robbers in high speed car chases, and finding the missing children. You can also use your siren and lights to clear the traffic and get to your destination faster.

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Fire truck

As a firefighter, you can extinguish fires and save people's homes. You can also use your water cannon to spray water on anything you want, such as cars, buildings, or even sheep!


As an ambulance driver, you can take the injured people to the hospital as fast as possible. You can also use your medical kit to heal yourself or others.

Garbage truck

As a garbage truck driver, you can keep your town clean by collecting the trash from different locations. You can also dump the trash anywhere you want, such as on the road, on the grass, or even on other vehicles!


As a farmer, you can plough, sow and harvest the wheat of the farm, while keeping the sheep out of the carrot land. You can also use your trailer to transport goods or animals.


As a taxi driver, you can take your customers to their destinations, they will reward you for speed. You can also use your horn to honk at other drivers or pedestrians.

How to download and install City Block APK?

To download and install City Block APK on your Android device, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to [APKCombo](^1^), a website that provides free APK downloads for Android games and apps.

  • Type "city block apk" in the search box and click on the first result.

  • Click on the "Download APK" button and choose a version that is compatible with your device.

  • Wait for the download to finish and then open the file.

  • Allow installation from unknown sources if prompted by your device settings.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to install the game.

  • Enjoy playing City Block APK!

Pros and cons of City Pros and cons of City Block APK

City Block APK is a game that has many advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them:



- It is free to download and play.

- It contains ads that may be annoying or intrusive.

- It has colorful and pixelated graphics that create a retro and nostalgic vibe.

- It has low-quality sound effects and music that may be repetitive or boring.

- It has a variety of vehicles and professions to choose from, each with its own gameplay and missions.

- It has a limited map size and content, which may make the game feel repetitive or boring after a while.

- It has a simple and intuitive control system that is easy to use.

- It has some bugs and glitches that may affect the game performance or experience.

- It is suitable for kids and adults, as it does not involve violence or crime.

- It does not have a multiplayer mode or online features, which may reduce the game's replay value or social aspect.

Why play City Block APK?

City Block APK is a game that can provide you with hours of fun and entertainment. Here are some reasons why you should play it:

Benefits of playing town simulation games

Town simulation games are games that allow you to create, manage, or explore a virtual town or city. They can have many benefits for your mental and physical health, such as:

  • They can improve your creativity and imagination, as you can design your own town or city according to your preferences and style.

  • They can enhance your problem-solving and decision-making skills, as you can face various challenges and situations that require you to think critically and strategically.

  • They can boost your memory and concentration, as you can remember the details and features of your town or city, and focus on your tasks and goals.

  • They can reduce your stress and anxiety, as you can escape from reality and immerse yourself in a relaxing and enjoyable environment.

  • They can increase your social skills and communication, as you can interact with other players or characters in the game, and share your experiences and opinions with them.

Tips and tricks for playing City Block APK

If you want to have a better gaming experience with City Block APK, here are some tips and tricks that you can use:

  • Explore the town and find hidden items, such as coins, stars, keys, or chests. You can use them to unlock new vehicles, skins, or features in the game.

  • Complete the missions and challenges that are given to you by the people in the town. You can earn rewards, such as money, points, or trophies for doing so.

  • Customize your vehicles and characters according to your liking. You can change their color, shape, size, or accessories in the garage or the shop.

  • Use the map to navigate the town and find your destination. You can also use the mini-map on the top right corner of the screen to see your location and direction.

  • Be careful when driving on the road or crossing the street. You can cause accidents or damage to yourself or others if you are not careful. You can also get fined by the police if you break the traffic rules.


City Block APK is a fun and free town simulation game for Android devices. You can play as different professions in a town and complete various missions in an open world 3D game. You can also enjoy driving in different vehicles and exploring the town at your own pace. City Block APK is a game that can improve your creativity, problem-solving, memory, concentration, stress relief, social skills, and communication. It is also suitable for kids and adults alike. If you are looking for a game that will keep you entertained for hours, then you should download City Block APK today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most common questions that people ask about City Block APK:

  • Is City Block APK safe to download?


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