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Invoice Manager 2.1.19 (Multilingual) Activation Code By CORE Serial Key __FULL__

run the reports module.this will export your entire database into a csv and xml files in the invoice manager reports folder. files can be exported from both company and account level. these reports can be viewed in excel or other spreadsheets. the xml can be used to create html reports.this api call is essentially the same as the report api call which you get in back office.

Invoice Manager 2.1.19 (Multilingual) Activation Code by CORE Serial Key

get an aggregate reports dataset for a sales document.this api call returns basically the same result as back office sends to aggregate reports. the only difference is in vat components and attributes - spaces in parameter names have been replaced with underscores.if you need to use this data in a non-html context, you should decode it appropriately: replace tags with newlines. strip all other html tags. decode html entities.the dataset is intended to be placed into an html template; each of these fields is a fragment of html and may contain html tags.

return a list of all coupons which can be issued for a product. these can be actually issued to a customer by the sales rep, and are associated with a sales is possible to have multiple coupons associated with a single product. to associate a coupon with a sales order, you should create a coupon structure in ubl. the coupons associated with a sales order could be a type of a coupon rule or a regular coupon. if the second case, the couponrule structure is used, and the issuedcoupon element could be used for putting coupons on the queue of the sales order, to be issued to the order for the customer to use those discounts, you need to issue the customer a coupon with an unique serial number (see getissuedcoupons, saveissuedcoupon ). when customer returns with the coupon code, it has to be scanned at the pos. scanning redeems the coupon, invokes the promotion associated with it, and gives customer a retrieve coupon rules, see getcoupons.


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