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Best Places To Buy Rental Property In Dallas

The Oak Lawn neighborhood in Dallas has an urban feel, a high percentage of renters, and is ranked by as one of the best places to live in Texas. Oak Lawn is located near the Uptown and Old East Dallas neighborhoods and is bordered by the Dallas North Tollway:

best places to buy rental property in dallas

Oak Tree is one of the best places to live, according to Located north of the city along the President George Bush Turnpike, Oak Tree is a desirable area, with a large percentage of renters:

Vickery Meadows is one of the most affordable places in Dallas to find an investment property and also a popular neighborhood for renters, with renter-occupied households accounting for over 90% of the housing units. Vickery Meadows is located just north of the Lower Greenville neighborhood:

With an impressive inventory of moderately priced homes, Texas is one of the best places to buy rental property. An abundance of affordable rental properties, its flourishing economy, landlord-friendly laws, a growing population, and no state income tax make Texas an alluring draw for investors.

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Turning to amenities, Austin is notable for great live music, diverse culture, outdoor recreation, green spaces, and much more. Austin tops multiple lists ranking places to live, work, and visit. All things considered, if you can afford to purchase rental properties in Austin, the payoff potential is promising.

The short-term rental market is where San Antonio shines in real estate investment opportunities. San Antonio is the best city on the list for Airbnb investment. This popular tourist destination boasts a 60% occupancy rate for short-term rentals in March 2022.

The Texas housing market is ideal for real estate investment. The strong economy has ushered in some of the fastest-growing populations in the country, and home prices are rising steadily. Learn more about the best places to buy rental property in Texas.

Texas is a friendly state for landlords, without a lot of legal restrictions to worry about. The steady population growth ensures a continued demand for rental properties. For even more insight, a realtor can help you find the best Texas real estate markets that are friendly to landlords. Learn which Texas cities are best for rental property investing.

At HUNTAHOME, we provide DFW property management services toclients across the Metroplex. Our experience in providing comprehensiveproperty management in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding communities has givenus a unique glimpse into where the best opportunities are located.

On the real estate front, Dallas County has one of the lowest homeownership rates in the country, which means there are lots of prospective tenants out here. Butwhere specifically should you look for a rental property in Dallas?

Many of the best areas to buy rental properties areclustered around White Rock Lake, like Munger Place, Lochwood and LakeHighlands. You can still find value in the Oak Lawn and Uptown areas. AndDowntown Dallas remains one of the more affordable city centers among thelargest cities in the country.

If you're interested in investing in short-term rentals, you should know that Dallas was ranked among the best places for Airbnb investors in 2019. Travelers are increasingly springing for cozy vacation rentals rather than traditional hotels, and business is booming in Dallas. Although the tourism industry has experienced sharply falling revenues and is an economic sector among those most severely affected by the pandemic home rentals have outperformed hotels in 27 global markets since the onset of Covid-19.

With the low costs of living in Dallas, it would be ambiguous for the city to register high crime levels. However, there are minor cases of petty theft, aggravated assaults, and cases of vandalism in Dallas. A good investment should be just about risk-free. Safer neighborhoods attract more single-family residents which can be good for the real estate market. Some of the best places to buy a rental property in Dallas where crime rates are very low are Cockrell Hill, Frisco, Lochwood, Munger, Bryan Place, Allen, Campbell Green, Coppell, North Dallas, Farmers Market District, and University Park.

If you are looking to buy real estate in Dallas, you should know the best places to invest in. The three most important factors when buying real estate anywhere are location, location, and location. The location creates desirability. Desirability brings demand. Here are some of the popular neighborhoods in or around the Dallas metro area where you can invest in real estate.

According to, it is #4 in the best places to live in Dallas, Texas. On, the median list price of homes in Coppell, TX was $550K in March 2022, trending up 14.8% year-over-year. The median listing price per square foot was $179. Coppell, TX hosts 26 public schools rated good and higher by GreatSchools.

As the name suggests, the Farmers Market District lies in the area of the famous Dallas farmers market. The Farmers Market District is an area in southeastern downtown Dallas, Texas. It is quite a safe and secure area. Most of the residential neighborhoods are condos and apartments and still, it is one of the best places for investment in terms of rent. It has affordable rental and investment properties that give a good return on money.

Summary: In this article, you will learn about 22 of the best places to buy rental property in 2023. You will discover why each of these markets is a great place to invest in real estate, read housing market statistics for each area and trends to know for the next three to five years.

Despite what the numbers on a spreadsheet may say, a rental property will only bring in revenue if you can find someone willing to rent it. To determine the best places to buy rental property for 2023, look for areas with high population growth and high demand for housing.

Birmingham, Alabama is one of the best places to invest in rental properties in 2023. Its diversified economy and steady population growth make it a solid choice, as do its low unemployment rate and low average home value.

Solid rental cash flow opportunitiesThe Huntsville real estate market is experiencing a boom, with affordable housing, good-paying jobs, and other factors drawing people to the area. As a result, investors have plenty of opportunities to choose from as they put their money into Huntsville properties. These are the primary reasons Huntsville made our best cities to invest in real estate list for two years in a row!

Montgomery, Alabama is another one of the best cities to buy rental property in 2023, offering both affordable properties and a strong rental market. The median home value in Montgomery is $181,065, while the median monthly rent is $1,215.

The population of the Dayton metro area grew at an average rate of 0.2% per year since 2015 after experiencing negative growth rates since 2010. But even though population growth has been very slow, affordable prices and easy access to the urban center of Cincinnati make Dayton one of the best cities to buy rental property for long term cash flow!

Honda plans to spend $3.5 billion on a new battery production site in Fayette County, about an hour southeast of Dayton, that will create 2,200 new jobs in construction and operation. This and other developments have made Dayton one of the best places to invest in real estate in 2023.

The median home price in Cape Coral is $405,194.20, which is 18% higher than the median home price in the United States. With a population growth rate that historically dwarfs the US population growth rate, Cape Coral is still one of the best places to invest in real estate in 2023.

Chicago has long been one of the best investment property locations in the US. The city has a balanced market where supply and demand are almost equal, which means that even though it is a major city, home prices in the Chicago metro area are still very affordable.

We hope this list of the 22 best places to buy rental property in 2023 will help inform your investment strategy for the coming years. As mentioned in the preliminary note before the list, we spend several months pulling and analyzing data to complete this article. We take great pride in the content we create and we hope you find it useful. If you need any help with your investment strategy, we are here! RealWealth is one of the top real estate investment clubs in the country, helping investors buy and hold real estate for lasting wealth.

The National Association of Realtors put Dallas at number 3 on its list of 10 housing markets expected to lead the nation in 2023, with prices expected to rise by at least 5 percent, a healthy rate of return for those holding investment property. NAR points out that less than 23 percent of renters can afford to buy a typical home, pointing to a strong rental market to continue. (Also on the list were Atlanta, Raleigh, San Antonio, and Jacksonville, Florida.)

Are you ready to get into investing in property? You know the immense tax benefits to rental property, you're ready to gain a passive stream of income and want to build exponential wealth. But where do you begin to hunt for the best investment properties?

In Dallas, there are many areas to invest in that are sure to bring you success as an investor. Dallas' booming economy, low cost of living, and population growth all make the city one of the best places to be as a real estate investor.

Bryan Place is a rare gem amongst the bustling downtown Dallas area. If you come across a property for sale in this neighborhood, don't hesitate to jump on it! Your initial investment may be steeper, but with a higher median rental cost than the rest of the city, you're sure to make a profit. 041b061a72


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