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It sounds silly, but the simple change of weather acts as a great way to keep things from feeling overly rote. When it rains, crops don\u2019t need to be watered and animals are left inside. Free from my morning chores, I'd hit up one of the local fishing holes to bide my time until the shops opened in one of Trio of Towns'... trio of towns. Rainy days are just frequent enough to keep the dust from settling on gameplay.

story of seasons trio of towns buy

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The whole purpose of Trio of Towns is to prove to your father that your choosing to live the farm life was a good decision. That's the entire plot, and it's completely forgettable. Proving yourself is done by completing three simple challenges in the Farm Tips screen. Overall, they're a tiny portion of Trio of Towns\u2019 content, and given that this game is called Story of Seasons I\u2019d expected a bit more for a plot. Instead, you\u2019re encouraged to create your own story by interacting with the nearby towns.

I din't know what it was about Trio of Towns, but that game just completely failed to grab me. I enjoyed A New Beginning and the first Story of Seasons a lot, but Trio... maybe it's subjectively better written, but even after two seasons I felt nothing about the characters or story.

As time passes in the game, so too do the seasons! Certain crops will only grow in certain seasons, so take care when planning each delicious harvest. The townsfolk will change their daily routines as the leaves turn, and there are all sorts of festivals, celebrations and competitions to look forward to all year round.

Jennifer Fuqua (jennifer_fuqua): I wound up getting pets because I got too frustrated with trying to push them out >..

One of the great things about games like Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns is that the whole point is to enjoy your virtual life. There's no real "winning," no end boss to fight, and no worries about running into a "Game Over" screen. You simply take each day as it comes, tend to your crops and livestock, enjoy the company of others, and kick back with a few relaxing activities. It's like a personal Zen garden with no time limit, which is great considering that the game takes so long to actually build momentum; to say the game is a slow burn is an understatement. Making matters worse, it's a pretty steep learning curve at the start, as you try to efficiently scrape by from day to day. Slowly but surely, though, players start getting into the swing of things, cycling crops and harvests with the seasons, upgrading their farms, improving the towns' shops, and building a strong community among the three titular towns. Much like running an actual farm, if you're willing to put in the time and the effort, you'll reap a lot of reward from Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. 041b061a72


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