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Hojyo Takashi Origami Book 26

John Montroll is one of my favorite artists. He has hundreds of great designs in dozens of books. His animal origami book was one of my first ones, and some of his books I have (that are great) collect models of African animals, North American animals, prehistoric animals, and mythical creatures and the Chinese zodiac. His books tend to be organized by section (with each section sorted by increasing difficulty), and this one has sections of weapons, dragons, humanoids, and creatures.

Hojyo Takashi Origami Book 26

AE: I folded my first paper boat about 30 years ago but I started folding something meaningful around 14 years ago. The first book that really got my attention was Works of Satoshi Kamiya. I guess it defined my tastes and led me into the real origami world.

PS: I started at the age of 12 when my mother took me to an origami class at our local community college. That was over 40 years ago. I folded from the diagrams that our teacher had prepared for us. In 2006 I became aware of the youtube community of origami channels after I went to an origami exhibition in Salzburg, Austria, where I was deeply impressed by a model by Stephan Weber. I got in contact with him and started folding paper again. I now have quite a big library of origami books.

YT: I found my first origami book about 20 years ago by accident. In hindsight, I understand that It was pretty bad and also pirated, but it was enough for me to get hooked. Not quite sure what I was doing for the next ten years, but then I found the Oriart forum with its enthusiastic community and started to learn seriously. Even though I always respected super complex origami, I knew it wasn't for me. My hands prefer folding sharp and clear forms. My favorite artist since the beginning has been Roman Diaz, his angular and very friendly-to-the-folder models embody everything I like in traditional origami. After that, I inevitably stepped onto the path of abstract geometric origami and, as Robin Scholz (another one of my favorite designers) said, there is no way back.


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