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Strangers In The Night -Frank Sinatra.

Strangers in the night,exchanging glancesWondering in the nightWhat were the chances we'd be sharing loveBefore the night was throughSomething in your eyes was so invitingSomething in your smile was so excitingSomething in my heartTold me I must have youStrangers in the night,two lonely peopleWe were strangers in the nightUp to the momentWhen we said our first helloLittle did we knowLove was just a glance awayA warm embracing dance away and--Ever since that night we've been togetherLovers at first sight,in love foreverIt turned out so rightFor strangers in the nightIf anyone needs any Sinatra lyrics check this spot out: buff/sinatra.htmlSorry if this is old news,people,I just arrived.Tiny Dancer

Strangers in the night -Frank Sinatra.

All of this takes its toll in self-esteem, and although some lounge singers are happy people who enjoy entertaining, many are wrapped in bitterness and boredom as they sing to rooms full of indifferent strangers. They tell the audience it's "really special" tonight because it isn't special - it's the same as last night. They say "I love ya" but they mean "I wish you loved me but I know you don't." Their patter is based on wishes, not realities. And that is the essential insight of "Without You I'm Nothing." It is a heart-rending, merciless assault on the phoniness of entertainment rhetoric. 041b061a72


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