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Farpoint Spread 7 Free ##HOT## 15

When the Recalculate menu item is activated to recalculate the spreadsheets, special code is used to disable CalculationOnDemand in the CalculationEngine to force all cells to recalculate, and the results are shown in the TitleInfo across the top of each spreadsheet control.

farpoint spread 7 free 15

No. Spread.NET includes royalty-free redistribution. Provided your customers are using Spread.NET as part of your application, they do not need a license. Anyone who has design time access (the ability to code) will need to own a license.

The Far Point Spread COM control has a Date type column. It sounds like you are configuring the date type via code. In code you would set the .Col and .Row of the spread control and then set the type to "CellTypeDate." This is a constant from FPUSpreadADO.CellTypeConstants. You could also set a block range of cells to this cell type.

Editor's Note: Please send product information to New Products Editor, c/o Visual Studio Magazine, 2600 El Camino Real, Suite 300, San Mateo, CA 94403; fax 650-570-6307; e-mail [email protected]. c v 3.0FarPoint Technologies has released an upgrade of its professional ASP.NET spreadsheet product FarPoint Spread for Web Forms. FarPoint Spread for Web Forms v 3.0 allows developers to add full-featured spreadsheet capabilities or highly advanced grid functionality to their ASP.NET applications. FarPoint has added Outlook-style grouping and load-on-demand features with additional page navigation, additional selection modes, and CSS support for sheet name tabs. Compiled against both the 1.1 and 2.0 Frameworks, Spread for Web Forms is a complete ASP.NET spreadsheet component that supports bound or unbound modes (no dataset needed), AJAX, native Microsoft Excel import/export, in-cell editing, multiple edits on multiple rows without server round trips, client-side column/row resizing, multiple sheets, searching, filtering, multiple cell types, validations, cell spans, multiple headers, over 300 built-in calculation functions, hierarchical display, and more. With load-on-demand, only the data needed is pulled down from the server and performance and speed are improved. FarPoint Spread for Web Forms v 3.0 is part of the overall .NET support available at FarPoint, which also includes a FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms product. Both products are available separately or together as a package for multiple-platform customers creating enterprise applications. Price: US $899; upgrades from previous versions of Spread begin at US $299.FarPoint TechnologiesWeb: www.FarPointSpread.comPhone: 800-645-5913 or 919-460-4551

GrapeCity Spread WinForms (GcSpread) is a multi-functional spreadsheet that professional Visual Studio developers use to create windows and web applications for analysis, dashboard, data collection and management, scientific, financial and other similar programs. GcSpread includes .NET spreadsheet components, template designers, charting components, extensive API, and more. The object model closely mirrors Excel and models the Visual Studio Tools for Office API so it is intuitive to use.

FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms 5 is the award-winning, Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet component for .NET from GrapeCity. Spread products are high performance, enterprise-strength spreadsheet components, and come battle-tested by over 100,000 registered developers worldwide.

Spread introduced a number of technologies to Microsoft developers all over the world for the very first time, including the first full-featured spreadsheet component for Visual Basic, with the first spreadsheet designer, followed by Microsoft Visual Studio .NET versions, and an array of new Excel-compatibility features and advanced customizations.

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